Good news for podlinnikophiles — those of you interested in old Russian icon painting manuals.  In previous postings, I gave you links (free, of course) to the Stroganov, Bolshakov, and Perm Podlinniks (as well as a couple of others).

Today I am happy to add a link to the more detailed (yet still text only) icon painter’s manual titled the Сводный иконописный подлинник XVIII Века по списку Г. Филимонова — Svodnuiy ikonopisnuiy podlinnik XVIII Vyeka po spisky G. Filimonova — “The Combined Icon Painting Manual of the 18th Century in the Edition of G. Filimonov.”

This manual has long been very difficult to obtain.  Nonetheless, it was always my favorite among the main “text” painter’s manuals because it is generally the most detailed, and adds interesting touches such as the traditional dates of saints, etc.

Of course the downside is that it is not available in English.  But for those of you who have begun learning the basic Slavic vocabulary of podlinniki/painter’s manuals, it should give you much material for practice, study and use.

Here is the page beginning the month of December:

And here is the link to the whole manual:

To see the manual, just click on the pdf symbol/icon following these words on the page:

Читать в формате pdf

They mean “Read in the format pdf.”

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