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Often people write to me asking for information about an icon they may have or about some other icon-related matter, and I am happy to tell them what I can. But keep in mind that I cannot provide monetary appraisals because my interest in icons is scholarly rather than financial, and so I do not keep up on current fluctuations in market value, as a good financial appraiser must.  And please keep in mind, when commenting, that my approach to icons is art historical rather than “religious.”

I always enjoy hearing from readers of this site, whether those asking for identification of an icon or those simply commenting on a particular posting or on the site in general. To comment or contact me, just click on the “Leave a Reply” link at the bottom of any posted article.  If you are sending a photo or photos with your comment or question, please note that this site automatically removes email attachments; but if you indicate you wish it in your message, I will send you an email address you may use to send me photos.



  1. Bernadette van Woensel

    Hallo David,

    In the near future I have to perform a lecture on icons that concern the
    ‘ Exaltation of the Cross’ . The Orthodox Church as well as the Catholic Church remember the ‘ Exaltation of the Cross’ ( that ‘took place’ in the 4th century after Christ) , in their liturgy every year on the 14 th of september. I know the legend of the
    ‘ Exaltation of the Cross ’ as this is written down in the Legenda Aurea a.a. However…. I can’t really find icons on this subject on the Internet or in books. My question for you is this: did you do research on icons that have the‘ Exaltation of the Cross as their subject? If so, I would be very glad if you are willing to send me some examples links etc and maybe information on their historical context,

    Thank you in advance,

    Bernadette van Woensel

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