OK, Iconoholics — it is that time again.  The time when I ask you to send me a message if you are a new reader here, to tell me why you are reading my site, and a little about your interest in / addiction to icons.  And for both new and old readers, I would like to know what you are getting out of reading this site (and I certainly hope you are getting something, given the ten plus years I have spent writing it so far).  What have you learned here?  What do you want to learn here?  How serious a student of icons are you?  What do you enjoy about the site?  I am not going to ask you what you do not enjoy because — well, because if you do not enjoy it, why are you here?  Tell all (well maybe not every little intimate detail of your private life, though those might be interesting as well).  If you are a student of icons, if you are a collector of icons, if you are a dealer in icons, if you are a museum person involved with an icon collection, whether you are an artist — whether any of these or something else, I would like to know just why icons interest you.

Your messages will be kept private, so don’t worry.  I will be the only one who will read them.  But please, whether you are a new or old reader here, take some time to write a little or a lot to me.  After all, I am your enabler in your icon addiction.  I can cut off your supply (just kidding).

Here is an icon of — well of course — the Seven Archangels and their symbols.  You will find them all explained in the archives, but this is an example you have not seen here before. 

I always like to hear from readers, and feel free to be as chatty as you like.

(Courtesy of Jacksonsauction.com)