Once again, as so often in history, the Russian Orthodox Church is the partner of the Russian State in oppression and thuggery.

Putin is a bully who takes what he wants, ignoring the sovereignty of the Ukraine, invading and threatening, and the Russian Orthodox Church is the bully’s ally.

Read this news item from Reuters:

Russian Orthodox Church sings from Putin hymn sheet on Ukraine

Very strange things are happening in Russia. A sect has even appeared that venerates an image of Vladimir Putin, and one woman in Nizhniy-Novgorod claimed that an image of Putin has “streamed myrrh” like other supposed “miraculous” icons. One can only hope that sanity wins out over thuggery, and that Russia will not continue to repeat the mistakes of the past by supporting arrogant autocrats and the churchmen who back them up in their bullying.

The new face of Russia, sadly, is the old face of Russia. Why does it keep making the same foolish, terrible mistakes?


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